A Doggone Good Project

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It’s not that big a deal, Cathie said. You’re welcome to come and see it, but it’s really not that much.

Still, knowing how creative and crafty she is, I wanted to take a look at her project. So I walked down the street to her Portico and rang the doorbell. Immediately, I was greeted by a chorus of Shih Tzu glee coming through the door. Cathie opened it, and the three dogs’ frenzied joy at my arrival made me glad I had come.

Here are Cookie, Candy, and Cocoa in a quieter moment. They are the reason for Cathie’s project, a specially designed area to organize and store all of their possessions.



Cathie’s Portico is one of the home’s earlier designs, with a mudroom at the entrance from the garage. The room includes a double closet that she modified. As you can see in the photo below, she took off the doors, moved the shelf higher, and created a number of different spaces for the dogs’ belongings.




Here are closer views of some of the storage spaces.


As nice as this is, the project is only the first phase of her plans for the mudroom. Cathie intends to convert the rest of the room into her craft work/storage place. Stay tuned for pictures when the entire project is complete.

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