Month: October 2014


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Potpourri. Any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc. Photopourri. A mixture of unrelated photos. These have only two things in common. All were taken in my neighborhood. All were outtakes, not fitting in any of my posts. But I like each too much not to share. Sylvia captured this dramatic picture of clouds rolling in just before a summer storm. A few lucky neighbors-to-be in Phase 3 will have a view of this peaceful […]

Snapshots of Today

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Construction / Nature / Pictures

Maybe it’s the sunshine today. Or the bluest of skies, or the vibrant colors of October. If there is such a thing as a photogenic fall day, this is one of the best we’ve had. I couldn’t wait to put on my walking shoes and grab my camera. I was on a mission. I would wander our community, snapping photos of anything that caught my eye. I would try to use little details to capture […]