Month: March 2014

Seldom Heard Words

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There are sentences you rarely hear in my neighborhood. Because of our homes and our lifestyle, we have no use for statements like: 😉 Oh, no, the sump pump failed and the dang basement is flooded. 😉 Be sure to hold on to the bannister while you’re carrying the laundry down the stairs. 😉 The traffic out here is murder today. 😉 I can’t find a parking place. 😉 Duck! Don’t bump your head on […]

Another Accolade for Woodstock

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Yes, I know I’ve written two similar posts, but I can’t help adding another. Suddenly, Woodstock seems to be on everyone’s radar. I can’t say it often enough: this is a great place to live. Here’s the latest honor to come our way. In its April 2014 issue, Chicago magazine published the results of their intensive search for the 12 best places to live in the Chicago area. Woodstock was selected as one of those […]

You Can’t Miss With a Canterbury

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Home Elements/Decorating

For Ann, it was all about her piano. She was ready to downsize and to live on one level when she came to look at homes at Maples at the Sonatas. She had an open mind—except for one deal-breaker requirement. The home had to have a living room large enough for the seven-foot grand piano that she would be bringing with her. Ann found the perfect space for her piano in the Canterbury model. By […]

A Hide-and-Seek Spring

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Hey, Spring, stop playing with us. Yesterday you showed your beautiful, smiling face. Now today, you’re back in the shadows. Where are you hiding? Someday soon, Mother Nature will shout, “Ollie ollie oxen free,” and you will come out of hiding for good. What a joyful day that will be! In the meantime, I’ll flip through photos from years past and remember, and dream, and hope…