A Sunroom Without the Sun

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Home Elements/Decorating

I love our rainy, dark weather this morning. It has been perfect for sleeping in, for slowly reading the Sunday paper, for sitting quietly and watching my cat doze. Sure, I won’t be as enamored of the rain if it drags into tomorrow, but just for now, I’m loving being home in my Abbey.

In so many ways, our Epcon homes are designed for sunlight. That’s probably one reason many of us fell in love with them. Early in my blog, I wrote about the pleasures of a sunroom in this post.

On a day like today, I’m still drawn to my sunroom. But, you may ask, what good is a sunroom when the sun isn’t shining? To me, it’s still an interesting, pretty, comfortable space.

I wasn’t particularly thinking of dreary days when I chose some of the accessories in my home. I was indulging my love for things that light up. These light-producing items are scattered throughout my home. A few minutes ago, I went from room to room, turning on everything and anything that lights up.

The harder it rains, the more I love it. Here is how my sunroom looks at this moment. I wish you were here to share it.

rainy sunroom1rainy sunroom2

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