Month: February 2013

Different Journeys, Same Destination

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Moving / Neighbors

After I wrote my first post on how I came to buy my home, some of my neighbors began sharing their experiences with me. I soon realized there is a good story behind almost all of our purchases. From time to time, I plan to share their stories with you. Here are the first two. First, we have Art and Lynn, the couple I wrote about in an earlier post. Lynn remembers their many, many […]

A Bear for All Seasons

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When Diana and Bob moved into their Portico, they couldn’t find just the right spot in their new home for the large stuffed bear they had brought with them. So their furry brown conversation piece moved to the entryway of our community clubhouse. I have to admit, the bear was rather intimidating at first, standing over five feet tall on his hind legs. Many of us were a little startled when we walked in the […]

Welcome to my neighborhood

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Neighbors / Social Life

It was nine o’clock on a hot July night. My neighborhood was quiet except for the hum of air conditioners. I was opening a window to check if it had cooled off enough to open up the house, when I spotted movement across the street. In the shadows cast by a streetlight, I saw two of my neighbors slowly emptying buckets of water onto the roots of a spruce tree. I called to them from […]

My Journey Home

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Mostly Musings

It was Kathy, a friend and former teaching colleague, who filled my head with dreams of owning an Abbey. Five years ago, she moved into her Abbey in a nearby Epcon community, though not Maples at the Sonatas where I live. After settling in, she invited me over to see her new home. I went, stayed long enough to fall in love with it, and left promising myself “someday….” But as I was driving home, […]