Month: January 2016

Is There an Expiration Date on Dreams?

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Mostly Musings

One of my new year’s resolutions—truthfully, the only one that I’m keeping—is to spend time each day reading others’ blogs. Some days only a few minutes, occasionally an hour or more—I almost always find content to interest or inspire me. I hope it’s making me a better writer. I know for sure I’m finding ideas that stay with me throughout the day, or longer. This morning I came across a post that particularly resonates with me. On the blog Live to Write […]

Thank You, Readers

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I try to convince myself that I do not care much about statistics when it comes to evaluating this blog. I’m writing for my own enjoyment, I tell myself, to convey my excitement in living where I do, to connect with others, to exercise some creativity. All of this is definitely true. But… WordPress, the company behind my blog, is so very expert at sharing statistics with its users. With one click, I can find […]

My Sunday Afternoon Decluttering Project

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Home Elements/Decorating

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s clutter. It’s not only unsightly but also stressful. I guess I like to imagine myself moving through life with as little physical baggage as possible. Much of my home meets my stringent rule of less is more. But one area has been gnawing at my peace of mind for too long. It’s time to rework the shelving unit in my office/guest room. And today’s the day I’m going […]

The Elephant(s) in the Room

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Just for Fun / Social Life

White elephant. A possession that is more of a problem than a pleasure; a useless possession (perhaps quite valuable) that one cannot easily get rid of. Legend has it that rare albino elephants in ancient Siam automatically became the property of the king. At least one such king had the custom of giving a white elephant to any courtier who had fallen out of favor. The courtier was soon ruined by the cost of keeping […]

Jan’s New Year’s Eve Letters

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Moving / Neighbors / Social Life / Wilcox People

Jan began a new tradition after moving here with her husband, Steve, in 2013. Each year since then, on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, she sits down at her computer and writes a letter to Jamie Wilcox, our builder. These letters are part thank-you notes, part accounts of her year, and part personal reflections. The letters are personal, yet not private. She shares them with others and has given me permission to quote from […]

Happy New Year 2016

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Blogging / Holidays / Mostly Musings

  My motto/goal/inspirational saying for the new year is: If not now… then when?   2015 did a good job of reminding me how short and fragile life can be. I’m fortunate because I did not learn the lesson through personal experience. But I did share it through the hardships of some people who are very dear to me. As we enter the new year, I’m feeling the vulnerability of being in my upper 60s. […]