Month: September 2015

September at the Pool

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Labor Day is considered the traditional beginning of fall. But that was not the case this year at Maples at the Sonatas, where we enjoyed three-plus weeks of bonus summer. There were still several sizzling hot days for swimming. Our walking group, known for getting outside in challenging weather, took their exercise in the pool a few days. Don’t they look nice and cool here? And they can spell too. A-A-R-P… The weather has turned […]

The Retribution of the Writing Rules

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It seems I’ve gotten myself into a quandary. And I should have known better, considering my resumé. Education: BA in English; MA in English. Work experience: 33 years as an English teacher, otherwise known as enforcer of the writing rules; 24 years as a feature writer and proofreader at a newspaper, where an editor handed me a copy of the Associated Press Stylebook and said, in his best Moses impersonation, consider this your bible.   […]

Art’s Excellent Adventure

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My neighbor Art doesn’t have a formal bucket list. But if he did, sky diving would be item #1. He has wanted to try it for the longest time—so long that he doesn’t even remember how long. But life kept getting in the way, and he kept putting it off for various reasons. Then, a couple of years back, it looked like health problems had closed the window of opportunity on Art’s dream. That all […]