Month: April 2015

Spring Serendipity

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Spring is taking her own sweet time arriving in Northern Illinois. We’ll have a couple of warm, sunny days, followed by far too many cool, cloudy ones. Still, Mother Nature keeps offering up reasons to hope. This morning, as I walked over to our clubhouse, I looked up to see a lovely promise of spring. It is no exaggeration to say that this tree made my day. I hope your day holds at least one […]

A New Look for Home Sweet Abbey

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As promised in the previous post, I’m experimenting with the appearance of my blog. I used words like tweaking and subtle. Yet here I am with a new look that honestly is more a redesign than a modification. Blame it on the Word Press folks. They gave me hundreds of themes to choose from, making it challenging to narrow down my options. I hope you’ll like it as much as (I think) I do. What’s […]

Fantastic Phoenix

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To say I had fun during my weekend trip to Phoenix would be be an understatement. I mean, the WordPress conference I attended WAS fun. But it was so much more. The adventure began with a flight from O’Hare, three-plus hours in the air that gifted me with two additional hours of sunlight and 35 more degrees of warmth. My weekend was filled with light and warmth and laughter and learning. What could be better? […]

My Writing Space

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Where do you get your ideas? Everyone who writes must hear this question from time to time. I know, I do. It’s a hard one to answer. When I tell the truth — I get ideas everywhere— the person seems dissatisfied with its vagueness. But I can’t do better. I go through my life, and ideas just come. Or I should say, they usually do. They don’t always appear as often as I would like. […]

Final 4 Fever

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Just for Fun / Neighbors

Here it is, one of the biggest weekends of the year. It’s Final Four time. So it was no surprise to hear some rivalry talk at our community coffee this morning. We had a fan of Michigan State wearing green. We had Wisconsin supporters in the group too, along with Big 10 fans happy that their conference had two teams in the finals. But only Sylvia and I broke out our team shirts this morning. […]