Month: July 2014

Here Come the Sunflowers

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It’s impossible for something as large as a sunflower to sneak up on you.   So I really can’t say I was surprised when the sunflowers in our community garden burst into bloom this week. With the summer’s plentiful rain, they surged out of the soil and shot up into the air. Their study green stalks soon supported buds so promising large. Now they stand like a line of soldiers at the back of the […]

Lovely on the Lake

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Neighbors / Social Life

Nothing soothes my soul like time spent on the water. River, lake, ocean—they’re all good. And sharing that experience makes it all the sweeter. Our social committee outdid themselves when they planned a sightseeing cruise on Lake Geneva, followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant. Twelve of us thoroughly enjoyed our time together last evening in Lake Geneva, Wis. Maples at the Sonatas is just under 10 miles from the Wisconsin state line. It is […]

Beautiful Downtown Woodstock

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Today I would like to share an aerial shot of our beautiful town. I wish I could give credit to the photographer, but I don’t know who he or she is. I found the photo on Facebook, where it made quite a splash with those sharing Woodstock connections. Here, from above, is The Square, the heart of our small city. Many of my neighbors here at Maples at the Sonatas are frequent visitors to the […]

Happy Fourth of July

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Just for Fun / Pictures

My neighbor Cathie has us spoiled. Every holiday or major social event brings with it a change of costume for our mascot bear in the clubhouse. And each new costume, it seems, is more detailed than the last. Here is her latest masterpiece, celebrating Independence Day 2014. Check out these closeups of some of the details.       I can’t end this post without mentioning that Cathie’s patriotism runs deep. Retired now, she devoted […]