Month: April 2014

Celebrating Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day to everyone! And especially to Kathy Downing, our sales assistant. Mother Earth has no better friend than Kathy, who observes Earth Day every day of the year. She even dresses for the occasion! It was Kathy who instituted the recycling program in our clubhouse. It is Kathy who organizes a community event each year on or near Earth Day. One year she presented a program on recycling. For the past two years, […]

Easter Nostalgia

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Mostly Musings

Do you feel it too? For me, holidays always bring back memories of the celebrations of my childhood. I can close my eyes today and see us so clearly. It is Easter. There is my family—Mom, Dad, Craig, Aunt Clara, Uncle Jack, and me—all in our farm house, sitting around the dining room table. It is set with Mom’s best china and the silverware that she kept in a velvet-lined wooden box except for special […]

Tulip Tough

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The past three days have been anything but welcoming to young, green plants trying to make their spring return. A tulip has to be tough to survive the kind of spring we’re having in Northern Illinois. On Saturday, it was hail. Today, it’s snow. Hang in there, tulips. It will get better. I promise.

Spring Is Finally Sprung!

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Nature’s first green is gold. —Robert Frost As soon as our last snow melted, I began my daily “green watch.” Every day, I’d go outside and search my flower beds, hoping to find a sign of plants coming back to life.  This morning I  found what I’ve been looking for. After the harsh, five-month-long winter we just survived, anything green and growing is so welcome. And that, I believe, is why Robert Frost described that […]

Bear? Or Hare?

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Just for Fun

With Easter less than two weeks away, our mascot bear is dressed for the holiday. The only problem is, has he lost his sense of identity? Is he still a bear, or has he morphed into a hare? Or is he stuck somewhere in between? A neighbor commented that the bear is showing quite a bit of hair these days. Or, in other words, the hare is a bit bare. One thing is for certain. […]

The Larger Wilcox Community

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Neighbors / Wilcox People

As a homeowner in Maples at the Sonatas, I am, of course, a member of this Wilcox community in Woodstock, Illinois. But I am also part of a larger group of homeowners comprising all of the Wilcox communities scattered throughout the Midwest and Southeast. With 20 active communities in the fold, that adds up to a whole lot of neighbors. I’ve met only a handful of people from the other communities, but the ones I […]