Month: March 2013

Happy Easter from Home Sweet Abbey

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I love holidays here at Maples at the Sonatas! I insist on having all of my small family’s holiday meals at my Abbey. So I’m up very early working in my kitchen. Thank you for taking a few moments from your Easter to look at this post. I wish you a day of renewal and peace, precious hours spent with loved ones.

A Dozen Muffins

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Mostly Musings / Neighbors

I was looking for something else in my pantry when I found the package of pumpkin spice muffin mix. Not just any muffin mix, it looked high end, probably from a specialty shop. It was a Christmas gift that I had decided to save for a special occasion. Then it kept getting pushed farther back on the shelf until I forgot I had it. I couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty when I saw it, […]

Catching Up With Jamie Wilcox

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Wilcox People

I met Jamie Wilcox in August 2010. I had returned to Maples at the Sonatas to take pictures of the Abbey that I would buy within a month. When I walked into the clubhouse, I expected to find the sales rep Jon, but he wasn’t there. A young man greeted me, said that Jon had the day off, and introduced himself as Jamie Wilcox. I looked at him blankly. After a pause, he said, “I’m […]

Joe and Sylvia move from Hoffman Estates to Woodstock—via Tucson

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Moving / Neighbors

Today’s post is another in a series of stories detailing how my neighbors found their way to Maples at the Sonatas. In 2009, retired librarians Joe and Sylvia were happy with their living situation. Their primary home was a townhome in Hoffman Estates, and they also owned a vacation home on a lake in Wisconsin. That March, they took a trip to Tucson, Ariz., and fell in love with the area and the climate. One […]