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Welcoming Spring

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Yes, spring has sprung here at the Maples. After countless days of dark, cold skies, punctuated by driving rain, the sun returned today. And a most welcome visitor it was. This afternoon I sat at my computer, diligently working on a writing project. At one point, I glanced out the window behind my monitor and saw activity across the street. First, it was two neighbors talking near our community garden. Then a third came along […]

Spring Serendipity

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Spring is taking her own sweet time arriving in Northern Illinois. We’ll have a couple of warm, sunny days, followed by far too many cool, cloudy ones. Still, Mother Nature keeps offering up reasons to hope. This morning, as I walked over to our clubhouse, I looked up to see a lovely promise of spring. It is no exaggeration to say that this tree made my day. I hope your day holds at least one […]

Spring Is Finally Sprung!

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Nature’s first green is gold. —Robert Frost As soon as our last snow melted, I began my daily “green watch.” Every day, I’d go outside and search my flower beds, hoping to find a sign of plants coming back to life.  This morning I  found what I’ve been looking for. After the harsh, five-month-long winter we just survived, anything green and growing is so welcome. And that, I believe, is why Robert Frost described that […]