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There are many ways to remember loved ones. And even more ways to miss them when they are gone. A light scent of a familiar perfume, so subtle you may have only imagined it. The brush of a nubby tweed jacket across a bare arm. Sadly sweet notes of a nearly forgotten love song. A booming laugh. A whispered shhh that tickles in your ear. But sometimes the heart longs for something more tangible. An […]

My Family Treasure

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My family celebrated Mom’s 95th birthday this week. My brother and sister-in-law flew in from Denver, and two cousins from downstate joined us for a family cookout here at Home Sweet Abbey. We shared many memories, mostly happy ones, as we chatted over brats and birthday cake. Despite Mom’s memory loss, there were moments when her eyes and face lit up at the mention of a long-ago name or event. Later, after Mom and the […]