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Celebrating Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day to everyone! And especially to Kathy Downing, our sales assistant. Mother Earth has no better friend than Kathy, who observes Earth Day every day of the year. She even dresses for the occasion! It was Kathy who instituted the recycling program in our clubhouse. It is Kathy who organizes a community event each year on or near Earth Day. One year she presented a program on recycling. For the past two years, […]

Seldom Heard Words

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There are sentences you rarely hear in my neighborhood. Because of our homes and our lifestyle, we have no use for statements like: 😉 Oh, no, the sump pump failed and the dang basement is flooded. 😉 Be sure to hold on to the bannister while you’re carrying the laundry down the stairs. 😉 The traffic out here is murder today. 😉 I can’t find a parking place. 😉 Duck! Don’t bump your head on […]

Heaps of Snow

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Anyone want some free snow? We have more than enough, thank you! After getting over 60 inches this winter, we have run out of room to stack it. So our snow removal company, Langton, is “relocating” it today. It’s time to call in the heavy equipment, much to the delight of Shirley’s little granddaughters who have a closeup view of the operation.

The New Resident at Home Sweet Abbey

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Ten days ago, I brought a new member into the family living in my Abbey. Her name is Shadow, and she is Mom’s cat. For three weeks after Mom had a stroke, Shadow continued living in the assisted living apartment they shared. I stopped by twice a day to take care of her and spend some time. A friend of ours also visited daily. But when I learned that Mom would not be able to […]