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Snow, Snowed, Snowing

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This time the forecast was right on. Several days ago, the weather man began talking about significant snow heading our way. When I woke up yesterday, a heavy snow warning had been issued. The disturbance was even given a name, Winter Storm Bella. And yesterday at 6 pm, precisely the time predicted, the flakes began falling. Snow fell fast and furiously—at times more than an inch per hour. City snow plows and our snow contractor, […]

It’s March. Give Us a Break.

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This time the weather forecast was right on. A winter weather advisory posted yesterday was amazingly accurate. Unfortunately. The sleet hitting my bedroom windows was loud enough to wake me just after 6. I peeked through the blinds to see that 3″ of snow had fallen during the night. The sleet continued off and on — mostly on — for an hour. No yoga class for me this morning, I said to my cats. ••• […]


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It’s that kind of morning here at Maples at the Sonatas in balmy Woodstock, Illinois. But, all things considered, I have little to complain about. Much of the country is having a more brutal February than we are. And in Illinois, we know how to deal with this weather. Yes, it’s a double Cuddl Duds® day. And, since my desk is right up against an exterior wall, I have a space heater aimed at my […]

Peace, Love, Music—45 Years Later

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Here in Woodstock, IL, memories of the Woodstock (NY) Festival linger. This weekend we celebrate the 45th anniversary of that musical happening in “the other Woodstock.” A short walk from our community, we have a memorial, of sorts. Just south on Ware Road, there is a neighborhood named Sweetwater. Sweetwater was the first band to perform (after Richie Havens) at the Woodstock Music Festival. Do you think the developer was remembering Woodstock when he named […]

Gearing Up for Flower Power

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You know summer has arrived when we celebrate Flower Power here at Maples at the Sonatas. On Saturday, our homeowners will enjoy a potluck brunch and receive free flats of annuals to plant around our homes. Our Maples Bear and Baby Bear just can’t wait! They are all set to get planting and pollinating. Thank you, again, to Wilcox Communities for putting the flowers into Flower Power. And to Cathie for one of her best […]