Maples Friends Are the Best

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I was working in my unofficial role of homeowner-sales assistant when I asked a question of a couple here on a first visit. It was a typical question that received an atypical answer.

I asked when they might be buying their new home and moving.

The wife answered: When I find what I’m looking for.

I asked: What is important to you?, expecting to hear about square footage, number of bedrooms, price, or other popular concerns.

Instead, she answered: We will be moving here knowing no one. I want to live where I can make friends and take part in social activities.

I’m sure a big smile spread across my face. I knew I could deliver what she wanted… and more. Our vibrant social life is one of our strongest points as a community.

On our way out to the models, I talked about our book club, monthly neighborhood coffees, potlucks, games club, and outings to nearby restaurants and attractions. A neighbor called a hello to me from her patio as we walked by. A car drove past and the driver waved at us.

I would like to say that the couple bought on the spot. But that didn’t happen. They liked the models and picked out a favorite. They asked to talk with Kelly, our “real” sales person. My job was done.


After they left, I went home and checked my email. There I found a message from a neighbor thanking me for thanking her and her husband for volunteering to take on a job in the community. She ended her message with these words:

“We are all so fortunate to have found our homes and friends here!”

I couldn’t agree more. As I reflected on our unique friendliness and volunteer spirit, I began looking through photos that reflect our social ties. Here are a few that I found:


Book club Christmas party

group3 fitz

fish boil in Genoa City, WI

walkers swimming

walking group cooling off after a hot walk


Maples friends at my book signing


impromptu gathering at the garden

using poles

working together to put up Christmas lights


I can’t end this post without thanking the Maples social committee, both present and past members. This hard-working group plans and runs our events. Without them, our social lives would not be nearly as full as they are.

Thank you from your neighbors!


  1. Bob and Maureen says

    Well said as always. I may reference this in the next newsletter if it’s okay with you. Maureen



  2. Dahlfors Brenda says

    So true! Even tho I don’t get to many events I love that I know my neighbors and we have a social Committee that’s enthusiastic and inclusive!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karen Leake says

    Beautifully said Caryl! A true friendly, caring community! We miss miss you all! Karen & Bob


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