Heavy Lifting

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I woke up this morning and, as usual, looked out a window. It was a good start to the day because I didn’t see any snow. Given our recent weather, that cannot be taken for granted. But I did notice something unusual.


Do you recognize the object in the circle? If not, you may not live in a community under construction. It’s the top of a crane, a sign of an interesting building day.

Though I have lived here more than seven years, I still find the construction process interesting. And there is no more dramatic step in building a home than an enormous crane lifting trusses into place for the roof.

So I had to go take a look. On my way out to phase 4, I realized this wasn’t just any new home going up. It was Barb and Paul’s Promenade. I was lucky enough to have spent some time with Barb while they were deciding on the model and lot they wanted. I was glad I had grabbed my camera to get a few shots to share with her.

I want to note here that I was careful to follow the rules. We are not allowed to get too close to active construction, for our own safety. So I stayed on the sidewalk and, therefore, did not have a particularly good angle. But this short video will give you an idea of the process.


Then, still obeying the rules, I cautiously made my way to another vantage point to show you what happens after the pieces have been lifted into place. I was not as close as this looks, thanks to zooming.


I have watched enough construction to know that the exterior of a home goes up relatively quickly. Once this is finished, work will move inside, away from prying eyes and cameras such as mine.

Barb and Paul will close on their home during the summer. And once they get settled, I’m almost sure I’ll be invited over for a glass of wine. Maybe we’ll sit in their court yard, with its lovely nature views. I can’t wait!


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