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I loved working jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid. Somehow, though, it seems that I outgrew them. I don’t remember exactly how or why it happened, only that when I went away to college, I didn’t take any along.

But now, after more than a 50-year absence, I’ve redeveloped a passion for jigsaw puzzles. And I know exactly how that happened. Last February, when I spent a week with Sue in a condo on the beach in Alabama, she had a 1000-piece puzzle in progress when I arrived. It was, appropriately, a picture of many wine bottles.

I enjoyed helping her put it together, so much so that I bought a puzzle as soon as I got home. That one led to another and to another, until I was hooked again. The leaning tower of puzzle boxes in one of my closets is proof of that. And for the past year, I have eaten many meals at the bistro table in my sunroom or on my breakfast bar because so often there is a puzzle spread out on my dining room table.

It turns out that I am not the only one in my home who likes puzzles. When I dump a box full of pieces on the table, cat ears perk up, even if they are sound asleep. Both girls love jumping on the table and “helping” me. They take turns gleefully rolling on or sleeping on the pieces as I try to work around a purring, furry body. They also think it’s hilarious performing gravity checks with the pieces, slowly nudging them to the edge of the table until they fall to the floor.


I thought I had read that doing puzzles is good for the brain. So I did some quick research this morning, and it turns out I was right. If I can believe the claims, my puzzle habit is helping improve my memory, my concentration, my problem-solving skills, my visual-spatial reasoning, my mood, and even my IQ. Then with the additional benefits of interacting with my cats, I can also lower my stress and blood pressure and increase my quality of life.

With the promise of so many benefits, I have all the excuses I need to continue working my puzzles.

What about you? Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles too?


  1. Kristi says

    My mom always has one going on the table at their home in the mountains. My cats don’t allow me to do one at home. Maybe I’ll try again now that my cats are a bit older. I do love to do puzzles.


  2. Brenda says

    Caryl- I, too, am a fan of jigsaw puzzles and gave away garbage bags filled with them when we downsized. My space for storing the new ones has already begun to overflow. When I had cats, they also loved to curl up in the box of pieces I was sorting, or lie across the section I was working, which would result in pieces being distributed around the house as they dropped out of their long hair. I solved the issue by having a large piece of plexiglass cut that I would use to cover my puzzle when I wasn’t actively working on it! You are more than welcome to come over and borrow some of my puzzles- I do save them like books, and like books they should be shared! Brenda D.

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    • Brenda, it doesn’t surprise me that you like puzzles too. Thanks for offering to lend me some of yours. I’ll be taking you up on that. Also, you are welcome to any of my collections.


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