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Today’s assignment calls for me to “mine my own material.” This means that I search my writing in places other than this blog for ideas. So, for example, I might use something I’ve written on other social media sites or in journals or, really, anywhere. I’ve ruled out Facebook posts because too many of you reading this blog are FB friends, which means you would be reading re-runs. I’ve also ruled out the journals that I kept from ages 22-24 because I’m appalled at how trite my heart-felt ramblings now sound. So I’m going to “mine” my Twitter account.

As I scroll through my Twitter feed, the first thing I notice is how much of it is not content that I have created. I retweet other people frequently. Also, all of my blog posts appear on my feed, thus duplicating the articles you find right here. That said, here are a few of my original thoughts, all conveniently condensed to 140 characters or less (a Twitter requirement until recently).


Finally, a couple of closing thoughts about Twitter. Friends have asked why I am on both Facebook and Twitter. Aren’t they about the same thing?

No, they’re different, at least for me. I use FB to stay in contact with people that I personally know—friends, people from the past, former students and colleagues. On Twitter, I follow famous people, like entertainers and athletes, and I follow news and politics.

If you have read this post and still think you might like to follow me on Twitter, be warned: you will read more about my political beliefs that you might want to. If that still hasn’t scared you off, my Twitter name is Caryldier.




  1. Diane Hollister says

    I was just thinking maybe I would follow you on Twitter because a lot of the things you posted made me laugh, but now I’m kind of scared. My former English teacher’s political views?? Hmm…


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