Happy Halloween 2017

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Holidays / Just for Fun

Trick-or-treating is underway at the Maples. Every year that I’ve lived here, we’ve had more costumed kids stop by. And each year it has been more fun.

One of the most creative groups I’ve seen tonight came over from our next-door community, The Sonatas. It’s cold, so one of the dads rigged up a heater on the golf cart that carried the parents while the kids ran door to door.


Many of the costumes are menacing this year, but the children are delightfully friendly and polite.

Then there was this guy, who said he was going to make Woodstock great again.



Can’t say I agreed with his politics, but then I wasn’t convinced that he did either. It was his giggling that gave him away. And certainly, he wasn’t as scary as the evening news that I returned to after he left.

Happy Halloween night to all!

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