I’m Still Here

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Shadow has been feeling lonely lately. Or, I should say, she had been feeling ignored until she took matters into her own paws. If I were going to spend hours upon hours on the computer, she would camp out here, where it is so convenient for me to pet her and talk to her that I do just that.

My cat has a good point. I have been… obsessed is a little too strong a word… so let’s say intensely occupied with finishing the novel that I have been writing for it seems like forever.

If you need proof of my obsession, look below at the date of my last post. I was appalled yesterday when I noticed that it’s been two months since I’ve blogged. I miss it, just as I miss my cats, friends, and usual life. The good news it that I’m in the home stretch.

This novel has been in the works for seven years. Don’t let that mislead you, though. I would write for a while, then get discouraged or distracted and put it aside for months. One time, I gave up entirely and deleted the partially written manuscript. Fortunately, it was waiting for me in my Dropbox when I decided to give it one more try.

The book is a sequel to my first novel, Teaching Mysteries 101, which came out the summer of 2010, right before I bought my Abbey here. I had barely begun writing the new book when I moved in October. Now, I am hopeful that Teaching Mysteries 201: The Strike will be available before the end of this year.

That timing can only work if I stay on task, to use a teaching term. So I’m going to go pet both cats and then continue making my final revisions.

Please know that I have not lost interest in this blog. I still love writing about my home and community, and I am anxious to get back to it on a more timely schedule.

See you soon!


  1. I thought it was because we moved and now have a new email address that I wasn’t getting your blog posts. I looked back and thank goodness I didn’t miss any. So looking forward to your book! You’re on the home stretch!


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