Welcome, Fluffy New Neighbors

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Animals / Nature

Maples at the Sonatas has welcomed two new families in the past two weeks. First, we have the Robins, living on Verdi, and then we have the Robins, living on the other end of Verdi. It is unclear whether the two families are related. But yes… we are definitely going to the birds here!

wreathhomeOne mama robin chose to build her nest in a wreath on Sue and Mike’s front door. It’s a nice, private location because it hardly shows until you are right on top of it. Folks rarely get that close anyway because Sue and Mike have been entering their home through the garage to keep from disturbing the baby birds. During our Tour of Homes last Sunday, arrows directed visitors to also enter through the garage. Most obliged, as Mama watched nervously.




planter2Our other robin mom moved into a planter in the baker’s rack herb garden in Julie and Marty’s courtyard. This nest is not disturbed by people entering the house, but Mom complains loudly when anyone gets too near her babies. Julie thinks she likes the aroma of cilantro because her nest is right next to a pot of the herb. Julie has been posting photos of the babies on Facebook each day so we can all watch the babies grow.

And yes, they do grow quickly. Here are a few photos of the two families. As Sue said, “I’ve so been enjoying Mother Nature in action.”


These tiny guys are obviously quite vulnerable. Yesterday we had waves of hard, driving rain and high winds. It was worse than this photo makes it look.


I feared for the birds’ safety. But thanks to their very protective mothers, all was well this morning. It looks like the little robins will group up safely here in our peaceful, welcoming community.


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