Introducing Our New Sales Manager

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Two weeks ago Deb Cooper joined the Maples at the Sonatas staff as its new home sales Deb2consultant. Deb, who also answers to Coop, is new to the community and our Epcon homes, but she brings with her 15 years of experience in sales of new construction.

Though she is busy learning the ins and outs of her position, she graciously took time to chat with me for this post. Here’s what I’ve learned about her.

“I’m a people person,” she told me. “I love to listen to them talk and hear their story. Everyone who comes in the door has a story to tell. You can learn from everybody.” She paused, smiled, and added, “Well… I like to talk too!”

Deb especially enjoys selling new homes. She said, “I love helping people make their dreams come true, helping them with probably the biggest purchase of their lives. My first goal is to get the right home for the right person and see that they are happy. That comes before making money.”

Deb lives just 12 miles away in Marengo, with her husband and her Airedale, Kodi. She has been familiar with Woodstock for a long time. She and her husband have been coming here to go to Farm Fleet and Harley Davidson, and they like to have breakfast on the square.

It was more recently that she learned about the existence of Maples at the Sonatas. She noticed a sign on Highway 47 when she and her husband were on their way to Crandall’s in Hebron. But Deb had not visited our community until the day she came here to interview with Jamie Wilcox.

She learned about the job opening from a girlfriend who had seen it online. Deb studied the Maples website and liked what she saw. She submitted her resume online and soon received a call from Jamie. “I had such a good feeling about this,” she said. “From the beginning, it just felt right.”

Her first impressions have been all positive. Of the The Maples, she said, “This is the cutest place. It’s quaint like Woodstock, unique like Woodstock.” Of her new boss, she said, “I want to work for someone like Jamie, someone who is successful but also a family man.”

Finally, I asked her to sum up herself  in two sentences. If you think that’s easy, try to do it yourself. Here is Deb’s answer: “I try to be honest and sincere. I love life.”

Deb enjoys meeting both buyers and homeowners. If you’d like to stop in to say hi, she works Thursdays through Mondays.


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