Thanksgiving Elegance

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We all know what Thanksgiving is really about—gratitude, family, friends, remembrance. By that definition, the holiday can be celebrated nearly anywhere, in any circumstances. Be it a family home, a restaurant, a dorm room, a homeless shelter, even a Las Vegas hotel. It matters little whether it’s a fancy spread or fast food. It’s about the intangibles.

But if you ever, just once, long for an elegant dinner, prepared by someone else, in a beautifully appointed home, here’s what you need to do. Wangle an invitation to my neighbor Kim’s home, here in Maples at the Sonatas.

That’s my advice, but I didn’t follow it. Yesterday I had nothing to contribute to a Thanksgiving dinner but germs. Lots and lots of germs. So I’m living vicariously through these photos.

Delicious food and drink

foodmimosasA lavishly set table


Kim’s photos do not show what the women did after dinner. But the guys look very content with their manly beverages and cigars in the courtyard.



    • Thanks, Joe. I’m working my way back to healthy and can’t wait to get there. I thought I had acquired immunity to everything after 32 years of teaching, but guess not!


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