Household Lions

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World Lion Day

According to Twitter, today is World Lion Day. If there’s any animal deserving of its own day, surely it would be king of the beasts. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I would have loved to visit these guys today, but my schedule didn’t allow for a trip to Brookfield Zoo. And it really wasn’t necessary to drive a couple of hours anyway. I have two of their smaller cousins, household-size lions, living with me.

So I called Angie and Shadow to come join me. Do something regal or cunning or cute, I commanded. They, of course, closed their eyes and ignored me.

Until I got out the treats. Shadow gobbled one and went back to grooming her lovely gray fur. But Angie, after having her treat, thought she could spare a few minutes to narrate some of my favorite photos of the two.

Angie: This other cat has lived here over two years now, and I still don’t like her much. She spends entirely too much time with my human. Even when we are hanging out in the same place, I don’t let her get too close to me. Like in this picture, I allowed her on the couch, but she had to stay on her own cushion. I’m the more beautiful one, on the right. Stripes are what it’s all about.


The most annoying thing is, she copies me. If I decide to help the human on the computer, she does too.


If I get in the mood to play, she does too.


I pride myself on finding unusual sleeping positions in the sun. So does she.


Shadow: I’m practically pedigreed. I am a Russian Blue. It’s true. You can look it up.


Angie: Commie.


  1. Judi says

    I got such a chuckle out of this!! Cats are so independent and aloof. I know what you mean…’s hard to imagine Sammie being a cousin of a wolf!


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