Happy Birthday, Bob!

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Today our neighbor, Bob, celebrates a milestone birthday. He woke this morning to find this greeting from his loving wife, Linda! Yes, he has officially joined our growing group of lively octogenarians.


Since the day he and Linda moved here late in 2010, Bob has been working to beautify the Maples and add to our quality of life. He’s the guy who put up his outdoor Christmas lights immediately upon arriving, before unpacking any boxes.

And how did he spend the day before his birthday? By leading a group of 15 volunteers to prepare our pool area for its grand opening later this month. The group removed and stored the pool cover, washed all of the furniture and placed it on the deck, washed the deck, vacuumed the pool, and added chemicals.

It is also thanks to Bob that our flower beds and community garden are irrigated. He keeps the flags flying in front of our clubhouse. He also heads up the stringing of our Christmas lights for one of the best outdoor displays in town.

Thanks, Bob, from your neighbors, and Happy Birthday!




To read more about Bob and his model trains, revisit this post.

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