My Abbey, Still My Sweet Home

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Yesterday I signed a sheet of paper, and one of my biggest adventures came to an end. A new buyer had fallen in love with my Palazzo, one whose cash trumped my contingency. So I had no choice but to officially void my contract.

Certainly, I knew all along it could happen. The problem is, for four months I have allowed myself to live in a bubble of false security.

Do I regret those four months? Not at all. It was quite a trip while it lasted, and I’m grateful for the experience. Perhaps most importantly, it reaffirmed the support I am blessed to receive from my friends, neighbors, and the Wilcox staff.

I am further blessed to still have my Abbey, the home that I was always reluctant to leave. With it off the market now, I can fully relax, reclaiming it as a private home rather than a property to market.

It’s time to start a new chapter.

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  1. Thanks, Joe. Maybe it’s good I’m staying. The new owner might not have put out the Christmas decorations that you and Sylvia enjoy this year.


  2. Marti says

    I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. Be open to the future! Who knows whatopportunities will appear?


  3. Bob and Maureen says

    So sorry for your disappointment. Must mean something else is in the cards for you. New chapters are good. Maureen



  4. Kim Carman says

    So sorry but maybe your Abbey didn’t want you to leave! Remember you can always come down to visit!


  5. Barb Triphahn says

    I certainly have mixed feelings about this. I hoped it would work out for you because I know how you fell in love with the place, but I also didn’t want to lose a great next door neighbor.


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