Age Is Just a Number… If You’re a Single Woman

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Single, female Baby Boomers are happier and healthier than ever, according to a survey conducted last year by Del Webb. The polling group included women 55 and over, which is not surprising because that is the minimum age to live in Del Webb communities.

Let’s break down the numbers. The chart below is a bit difficult to read, so I will “translate” for you.

happy boomers

3 in 4 single women over 55 feel younger than their age.

74% of them are as happy, or happier, than they were at age 35.

45% believe their best years are yet to come.

59% report exercising at least a few times a week, engaging in activities including weight training (27%), hiking (19%), yoga (18%), biking (16%), and swimming (14%).

68% rank a healthy lifestyle as their first priority, after time with family and friends. So, actually it’s their second priority, right?

54% are as active or more active today than they were at age 35.

80% rank having self-confidence as “very important.”

76% are more empowered now than they were at age 35.

A couple of observations:

These statistics make aging sound pretty appealing. I’m actually kind of glad I’m old enough to be so happy and healthy.

But what is most interesting is that only single women were polled. Why did Del Webb choose to—um, single out—single women? Are married women over 55 less happy than their unwed sisters? Maybe having a husband makes you feel less confident and empowered?

If so, I’m even happier I’m single.

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