Is There an Expiration Date on Dreams?

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One of my new year’s resolutions—truthfully, the only one that I’m keeping—is to spend time each day reading others’ blogs. Some days only a few minutes, occasionally an hour or more—I almost always find content to interest or inspire me. I hope it’s making me a better writer. I know for sure I’m finding ideas that stay with me throughout the day, or longer.

This morning I came across a post that particularly resonates with me. On the blog Live to Write – Write to Live, Suddenly Jamie begins by writing about new years’s resolutions now that we are one month into the new year. Then she expands her topic to goal setting and time management in general. Her post is aimed at writers but offers helpful suggestions for everyone.

I’ve been haunted lately by regrets. As I grow older, I mourn opportunities that I bypassed. Times when I said a hesitant no or maybe later through fear of failure or insecurity or laziness. To make things worse, I’m probably the most indecisive person you know. Often I waver and agonize until the opportunity has expired. As the years pile up, so do the regrets.

The blogger put it this way:

Regrets are not fun. Regrets are vicious little demons that gnaw on your heart late at night when you’re all alone with your thoughts. They delight in the excruciating replay of all the moments when you coulda-shoulda-woulda, but didn’t.

If you’d like to read her full post, you will find it here.

I urge you, at least, to check out this video. It left me wondering…if I had seen it in my youth, might it have changed my life?

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