Thank You, Readers

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I try to convince myself that I do not care much about statistics when it comes to evaluating this blog. I’m writing for my own enjoyment, I tell myself, to convey my excitement in living where I do, to connect with others, to exercise some creativity. All of this is definitely true.

But… WordPress, the company behind my blog, is so very expert at sharing statistics with its users. With one click, I can find lots of information—how many people visit the blog each day, what articles they read, what photos and links they click, what countries they come from, how many of them have “liked” or commented on an article. Some of you have asked if it also identifies viewers by name or email address. It doesn’t.

Driven by a mix of curiosity and ego, I look at my stats far more often than I should. In fact, I’m almost as addicted to checking stats as I am to checking my phone. I’m amazed and appalled at how competitive I’ve become.

This morning when I looked at my blog stats before getting out of bed (Yep, that’s not good), my number of views was the same as when I went to bed last night: 19,997 total views since I began writing the blog.

But when I got back to my car after yoga class—where we are not allowed to have our phones—I took a peek and found the number I had been hoping for.



Thank you to everyone who has read my ramblings. Thank you so much for your interest and support and generosity. As always, I welcome your suggestions and questions.

Thank you.


  1. Holy Cow, Caryl, I didn’t realize the statistics that you got from your blogging. That really is cool. I don’t usually (as you know) “like” or comment. But I sure will now knowing how important it is to you. Love your blogs, all the old one which I have read, and all the ones to come. Thank you for your interesting and amusing stories. O


  2. Barb Triphahn says

    Congrats! I had to go back and read the October 27, 2013 post as I was curious to see which of your posts received Best Views Ever. I always enjoy reading your blog.


  3. When we first moved here, I went back to your very first blog and read forward to get a little history of your experiences here. I haven’t missed one yet and enjoy each and every one. Congratulations on your achievement!


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