Snow, Snowed, Snowing

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This time the forecast was right on. Several days ago, the weather man began talking about significant snow heading our way. When I woke up yesterday, a heavy snow warning had been issued. The disturbance was even given a name, Winter Storm Bella. And yesterday at 6 pm, precisely the time predicted, the flakes began falling.

Snow fell fast and furiously—at times more than an inch per hour. City snow plows and our snow contractor, Langton Group, went into action during the night and are still fighting gamely just to hold on. The most recent estimate I’ve heard was 14″ on the ground, with the wind picking up and temperature dropping. The battle is far from over.


But none of this is earthshaking news in northern Illinois. It happens every winter, usually more than once. So here I am, trying to find a different way to tell the same story. And there’s more. I want to write this without stepping so much as a toe outside my door.

What’s a blogger to do? In this case, I’m taking the easy way out. Facebook. Watch as I effortlessly assemble a post from photos shared by my FB friends, beginning last night. I hope you’ll find at least one to make you smile.

Let’s begin with a glimpse into three different Epcon communities. First, here is my neighbor Shirley’s patio last night.


This morning, Shirley’s friend, also a Canterbury owner, responded with a photo of her patio.


Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say? Here’s the most unfair part. The friend lives in Appleton, Wis., 170 miles NORTH of us, and has not a flake of snow. How can that be?

Meanwhile, back in Woodstock, let’s check in at The Maples of Woodstock, an Epcon community on the other side of town. My friend Paul’s photo, below, shows they are not much better off than we are.



Now we’re going to make a stop at Ken and Julie’s home, not too far from here. They are friends of mine and prospective buyers who I hope will soon be neighbors. Ken is a marvelous photographer who posted the picture below, with the comment, “Might take a while to warm up the Weber grill!”



Next, we pay a visit to Martha, another friend who lives in Woodstock. Last night Martha had a neat series going on Facebook. Every hour she would post a photo of the snow accumulating in her yard. She was using a highly precise, scientific measuring instrument called a Dino Gauge. Here’s a collage she put together of her Dino Gauge taking different readings.



Finally, I would like to share two photos for their sheer beauty. First, my talented FB friend, Amanda, posted this picture of her son in the snow last night.


And here is a photo of our lovely Woodstock Square, taken last night around 11 pm by my friend and former boss, Denise.




  1. Sharon Monroe says

    Really enjoyed your commentary and pictures. Not venturing out except to clear a small spot for Mindy who had never seen snow. She was adopted in AZ and didn’t particularly like what she saw. Staying toasty inside.


  2. The first snow is always so special even after all these years. We were stranded at O’Hare so it wasn’t as magical this year. Thank you, Caryl!


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