A Hometown Fourth

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Today I offer you freedom of choice. Think of this post as a visual potluck showing how we celebrate the Fourth of July here at Maples at the Sonatas in Woodstock, Illinois.

First, please enjoy some views of Maples decorations.

As I sit here writing, I have a lovely view of Bonnie’s flag from my office window. Earlier this week I walked closer to it to shoot two short videos. I include two of basically the same thing because they show different moods of our neighborhood. First, we watch the flag furling peacefully in the breeze. I did not turn down the sound. It really is this quiet much of the time.

Yet we are still very much a community under construction. So sometimes the flag waves in the foreground as heavy equipment works in the background. Like this.

Tomorrow, on the Fourth, the Maples social calendar will be full. It’s the first Saturday of the month, so Coffee and Conversation will go on as usual for anyone who is free in the morning. Then a community cookout will be held mid-afternoon. Later in the day, the festivities will move to our city park for Woodstock’s fireworks display.

One of our town’s most popular Fourth of July events was held earlier this week on our historic town square. The Woodstock City Band, now in its 131st year, presents a free concert each Wednesday evening during June and July. The concert before July 4 always is a patriotic program with a finale featuring Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, complete with fireworks. The pyrotechnics are created by John Scharres, Director of the Woodstock Opera House.

The video below, showing the climax of the 1812, is shared by Carrie Filetti. (Yes, neighbors, the Carrie who directs the Dickens Carollers.) Enjoy the piccolo solo while you wait for the fireworks.

For all of this, and more, I love the town where I have lived for 45 years, and the community I chose as my home five years ago.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!


  1. Karen Leake says

    Same to you Caryl! We enjoy your reading your blog! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    Karen & Bob


  2. Diane Hollister says

    The concert video really brings back memories. I sure miss the small town 4th of July festivities. Nashville has as many as 300,000 people downtown for the 4th. Way too much congestion for me!


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