Fantastic Phoenix

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To say I had fun during my weekend trip to Phoenix would be be an understatement. I mean, the WordPress conference I attended WAS fun. But it was so much more.

The adventure began with a flight from O’Hare, three-plus hours in the air that gifted me with two additional hours of sunlight and 35 more degrees of warmth. My weekend was filled with light and warmth and laughter and learning. What could be better?

I returned home last night, like from most trips, with some souvenirs. My cat, Angie, decided to check them out just as I was taking this picture. A second later she was tearing around the house, dragging my name tag by its lanyard.


And, of course, it wouldn’t be a trip without some snapshots. Here are a few I took around my hotel.

But my whole purpose in going was the conference. It proved to be even more than I had hoped for—educational, inspirational, motivating, practical. Here are some of the highlights:

  • listening to talks by extremely successful bloggers who started out pretty much like me.
  • learning technical tips about WordPress features that make blogging easier, more productive, and prettier.
  • benefiting from one-on-one instruction from knowledgeable, approachable young staffers.
  • chatting with other bloggers during breaks and lunch. And is this not a lovely setting for lunch?


So, yes, I came home educated, inspired, and motivated. My brain is overflowing with ideas I hope to apply to this blog.

Now I’m not promising wholesale changes the next time you log on. What I’m hoping for is minor tweaks, subtle improvements in what you see and read.

Please keep checking in. If you feel like it, let me know if you like the changes.


  1. Gloria Derango says

    Sounds like you had a good time and we also get to benefit.

    Sent from my iPad



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