Wrapping up this Self Promotion

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 I have done so much self-promotion over my award that I can barely stand to see any more.

I wrote that sentence in an email this week. It was a honest statement. I still stand by it. But… here I go again. For the very last, very final time. I promise.

I had the honor of speaking at the Epcon Communities conference last month, when I received their Lifestyle Ambassador Award. While I was talking, I had no idea that my remarks were being recorded. That’s probably a good thing.

After I finished, Rob, franchise marketing manager for Epcon, introduced himself and told me about his audio recording. The following week, he had it transcribed and emailed me a copy. Then he did me the huge favor of allowing me to edit it lightly before he used it.

Parts of that transcript made their way into articles that both Epcon and Wilcox Communities wrote about the event. IF you would like to read excerpts of my speech, please check out the links below.

Here is the article written by Rob for Epcon.

Here is the article written by Shawn for Wilcox.

And here is my plaque in its permanent place on the wall of my office.

plaquesYes, I know you can’t read the others. That would have been more self-promotion. And I’m done with that as. of. now.

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