Light from the East

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After two years of blogging, I should have covered all of the unique qualities of my home. But just when I think I have, I discover, or rediscovery, another way my Abbey pleases me. This one is found in my favorite room, the sun room, or veranda. And it’s another delightful little surprise in the amazing design of the Abbey.

It’s a fact, of course, that Abbeys are attached homes, almost always found in quads consisting of two Abbeys and two Canterburies in Epcon’s pinwheel design. So how is it that the Abbey has windows facing three different directions?

You’ll find the answer in the sun room, where I have two windows facing west, three facing south, and one to the east. It is possible because the sun room juts out from the rest of the building.

This plan shows how it works.


And why is that important?

Simply because it gives me both morning sun and afternoon sun. On this very sunny, very cold morning, my east window looked like this while I sipped coffee and read my newspaper.


The sunlight streaming in made the room a cozy, appealing place to hang out. It brightened—both literally and figuratively—a morning way down deep in February.


Granted, it’s a small thing. But aren’t so many of the pleasures that keep us happy?

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  1. Bob and Maureen says

    We Abbey owners are lucky. The veranda is Bob’s favorite napping spot on a sunny afternoon. I love your lamp with the hole in it! Stay warm. Maureen



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