The Curse of the Groundhog

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I shouldn’t be surprised. This is just the kind of thing that happens in Woodstock, Ill., on Groundhog weekend.

Perhaps you already know that the movie Groundhog Day was filmed almost entirely in our town in 1992. I have already written a post with more detail about how that happened. You will find if here if you’d like to read more.

Much like Bill Murray’s character in the film, I woke up today feeling that I was reliving a day I had already experienced. Once again, like a year ago, I want to fly to Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow. And once again, we find ourselves in the midst a major snowstorm, soon to be upgraded to an official blizzard.

Last year I wanted to get to Columbus to speak at the Wilcox Communities Conference. After two flights were canceled due to weather, our group from the Maples made it out on the third try. We were a day later than planned and missed the first session, but still participated in most of the conference.

This year the window of opportunity is much narrower. In fact, this year that window looks like my bedroom windows at the moment. Not too promising.


If I’m not in Columbus by 6 pm tomorrow, I will miss the reason I’m going. Folks at Epcon, please hold on to that plaque for me if I don’t make it.

Any warm, thawing thoughts my friends can send my way will be greatly appreciated. I’ll be spending my afternoon, like Woodstock Willie below, checking the weather maps and hoping for good weather for my (our) big day tomorrow.


photo by Woodstock Groundhog Days


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  1. Rachel says

    I doubt you want to drive out there either, the highway thru Indiana is always terrible during a snow, plus the weather is traveling in that direction. I’d say forget about it! LOL!


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