Dickens Carollers Return With More Seasonal Joy

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Social Life

We build traditions quickly here at Maples at the Sonatas.

If we do something once, and enjoy it, we naturally want to do it again. After one repetition, the event becomes a tradition. It’s that simple.

Yesterday, the Dickens Carollers became an official, established Christmas tradition. A visit from them is now a required part of our community holiday celebration.

Last year I wrote a post about their visit. If you would like to see that again, you will find it here.

This year, I would like to add something new. First of all, our hearts were lifted when our neighbor, Gloria, joined us for the performance. She reminded us that exactly two months ago, she lay helpless in a hospital bed with multiple injuries from a horrendous auto accident. Yesterday, she walked into the clubhouse on her own and posed for this photo.

photo by Ken

photo by Ken

Secondly, this year I am including a short video of the Dickens Carollers performing. No matter how hard I work on my descriptive writing, I can’t come close to explaining how amazing they are.

This video, shot by Sylvia, will show you why this group is now our official, not-to-be-missed Christmas tradition.


For more information about the Dickens Carollers, please visit http://thedickenscarollers.weebly.com/.

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