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Potpourri. Any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

Photopourri. A mixture of unrelated photos. These have only two things in common. All were taken in my neighborhood. All were outtakes, not fitting in any of my posts. But I like each too much not to share.

Sylvia captured this dramatic picture of clouds rolling in just before a summer storm.

Photo by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

A few lucky neighbors-to-be in Phase 3 will have a view of this peaceful pond from their homes.

pond view

The farm at the very back of the photo above is seen from another angle. I have two versions of the picture below, one fuzzy and one clear. I prefer this fuzzy shot because it suggests an old memory, like my days as a child on the family farm.

farm view fuzzy

No living creature is more photogenic than a cat. I call this photo of Angie “Two Stripey Cats.”


And this final photo I call “Shadow in the Sun.”


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