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I have lived in my Abbey nearly four years. So why am I still writing about decorating?

Simple. It’s still fun. Until I run out of projects — which I hope will be a long time — I’ll undertake an occasional one just for the sheer enjoyment.

Before I go any farther, let me state that I’m not particularly good at decorating. On my own, I have maybe a 50 percent success rate at best. But I make up for that by calling on friends and relatives who are more artistic.

So when my brother and sister-in-law planned a late-August visit to celebrate our mother’s birthday, I couldn’t pass up the chance to use Rosie’s talents. My other decorator extraordinaire, my neighbor Dee, had been encouraging me to do something with the high ledge sitting untouched in my dining room.

To find a picture of the area completely bare, I had to go back to a photo that I took just before closing. The ledge is on the upper left.


I furnished and decorated the rest of the room and was happy with how it turned out. Maybe I had ignored the ledge because it is so high that I was afraid it would be difficult to work with. I was right about that.

A few days before my family arrived, I bought wire baskets, greenery, and other supplies. The first afternoon Rosie was here, I set out my purchases on the counter. She took the not-so-subtle hint and went to work.


When we both were satisfied with the baskets, up they went.


The baskets looked great, but the other items I hoped to use would need some tweaking. Also, the shelving unit on the wall came down to satisfy my dislike of clutter.

Then, finally, I decided the finishing touches would be LED candles that I can light with a remote. Dee helped me rearrange everything yesterday, and here is the result.


I’m very happy with it.

Now about those bathrooms that have never been painted…


  1. Jan D'Amico says

    I didn’t realize they had LED candles that could be lite with a remote! What a really clever idea. Well done, all!


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