Month: August 2014

Woodstock, IL: Small Town Hollywood

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Perhaps you are aware that much of Groundhog Day was filmed in Woodstock. But that is not our only claim to movie fame. One of our favorite sons, and a Woodstock High School grad, Manny Popopca, created this post for Please follow the link below to enjoy pictures and information about movies that put us on the entertainment map. And then come visit us!,share_fb,manual#bE48Ue

Peace, Love, Music—45 Years Later

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Here in Woodstock, IL, memories of the Woodstock (NY) Festival linger. This weekend we celebrate the 45th anniversary of that musical happening in “the other Woodstock.” A short walk from our community, we have a memorial, of sorts. Just south on Ware Road, there is a neighborhood named Sweetwater. Sweetwater was the first band to perform (after Richie Havens) at the Woodstock Music Festival. Do you think the developer was remembering Woodstock when he named […]

Two Bird’s Eye Views of… Us!

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Here we are—Maples at the Sonatas—from the air. Two pictures taken by two pilots of small airplanes, the photos from different orientations in different years. First, we have this photo, taken by Barb’s son-in-law in 2011, when we were a much smaller community.   And here we are today, in a picture taken by a friend of Tom D, a future homeowner under contract.   Yes, we have grown. But look! There’s still empty space […]