The Larger Wilcox Community, part 2

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Wilcox People

This is the second installment of an ongoing series profiling homeowners in other Wilcox communities. It is my pleasure to do phone interviews with these individuals and write their stories for the blog, Homeowner Spotlight, on the Wilcox Communities website.

Meet the Delroses from Villas at Fox Run in Plainfield, IL.


Not too long ago, Rose and John Delrose held a granddaughter sleepover in their Canterbury home. With three little girls to chase around, ages 3, 2 ½, and 2, the grandparents could have ended up exhausted.

But they didn’t. Rose explained, “We love our open floor plan. We could be anywhere and see what each kid was doing. We didn’t have to be right with them. It was fun watching them interact on their own.”

The Delroses are happy homeowners in Villas at Fox Run, a Wilcox community in Plainfield, IL. They purchased their home in 2012 after an on-again, off-again search lasting five years. During that time, Rose said, John had two heart attacks. After each, the couple would renew their efforts to find a ranch home in a maintenance-free community.

But their search kept stalling because they weren’t satisfied with what they saw. “We didn’t want a giant, Del Webb-type community,” was how Rose put it.

Then a former neighbor from Joliet stopped to visit them. After losing her husband, she had purchased a home in Villas at Fox Run. She asked them to come see her home and look at the models.

“We did, and that’s all it took,” Rose said.

She and John went to visit the community several times before buying, though there was never any doubt that they would select a Canterbury. They talked with sales consultant Kelly Hurst and Jamie Wilcox, the builder, and came away impressed.

On one visit, all three of the Delrose children went along. One of their daughters, who works as a city planner, told her parents Fox Run was one of the nicest communities she had ever seen. After receiving the stamp of approval from the children, their spouses, and the grandchildren, John and Rose signed a contract.

Looking back, John said there were three factors in their decision. First was the attractive appearance and layout of both the Canterbury and the overall community. Second was the relatively small size of the community, which will have 91 units when built out.

The final deciding factor was the residents. “The community sold itself,” John said. “We began meeting them the first time we went. We went to the Coffee and Conversation twice before moving in, and everyone was so welcoming, like we were already neighbors.”

The Delroses never questioned their decision to buy, but as their November 2012 closing date approached, they faced some unexpected problems. Rose’s father became ill and then passed away. After first moving him and then clearing out his possessions, Rose told Kelly, “I cannot face packing up again right now.”

So Kelly asked if Rose and John would be interested in leasing their home back as a model. “Oh, thank God,” Rose said, feeling the program would be perfect for them.

After a six-month lease back, the Delroses moved into their Canterbury in June 2013. As they clelbrate their first anniversary in Fox Run, they couldn’t be happier with their choice.

“It’s the people who make this community,” John stressed. “We have a good variety of young and old, working and retired, and they all come together.” And it isn’t just the residents.

He also praised the Wilcox staff. “Kelly was fantastic,” he said. “When Rose changed her mind about what she wanted in the house three or four times, Kelly never blinked. Jamie was unbelievable, and Rich is phenomenal.”

The Delroses look forward to many happy years in their home. And while those three little granddaughters are growing up, Rose and John hope there will be many more Canterbury sleepovers.

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