Shadow in the Window

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Shadow window

Shadow moved in with my other cat, Angie, and me in early December. We were already well into a long, fierce winter. In her previous home in assisted living, with my mom, the windows were never open.

Jump ahead to this week. Two days ago, the window washers came. Yesterday, I put the screens in and opened the windows of my Abbey for the first time in months. Angie and I spent a lot of time in the sunroom, enjoying the day’s sunshine and warm breezes. For us, it was a pleasant return to summer.

But for Shadow, it was a miracle. I watched her face the first time she jumped onto a window sill. Her eyes grew wide, as if she was thinking, I didn’t know these windows opened. She was mesmerized by the out of doors, as she moved from window to window, checking out the different views. Her cat senses couldn’t get enough of the sights, sounds, aromas, and feelings of a perfect early summer day.

Thanks to Shadow’s feline joy, I appreciated the first open-window day of the season more than I can ever remember. To quote a neighbor, the weather could stay like this all year long, and it would be fine with me.

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  1. Diane says

    Your story reminded me of the day I opened the windows after I started fostering Wynn. He had spent most of his 4 years in a dark cage in a shed with no windows or circulation. He had been able to look out windows before he came to stay with me, but never had them opened because it was too cold. His reaction was just like Shadow’s. I could hear him sniffing the air from across the room as he ran back and forth between the windows relishing the views and the wonderful sights and smells. Thank you for reminding me of the blessings in life we sometimes miss when we’re not really looking for them.


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