Conversation and Coffee

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Neighbors / Social Life

I’m probably like most Wilcox homeowners. The first social event I attended in my new community was Coffee & Conversation. Back in those simpler times, our monthly Saturday morning get-together in the clubhouse was one of the few organized activities. Pretty much everyone went.

In the past four years, we have grown from 20 or so residents to nearly 100. Along the way, we have added lots of social activities. Now there are so many clubs, groups, potlucks, and meetings that I don’t think anyone attends all of them. To help us keep them straight, a member of our social committee makes announcements about upcoming events at each coffee.

Coffee & Conversation remains at the heart of our social life. It is consistently our best-attended event. Its informality lends itself to circulating and chatting. Coffee is where newcomers go to meet neighbors. It is where old-timers go to chat with friends, see an unfamiliar face, introduce themselves, and come away with a new friend. Coffee & Conversation is where we bond as a community.

“Nobody lives in isolation,” my neighbor Jan just said to me in a phone call. “We all have a need for companionship.” We were talking about Coffee & Conversation, but her words apply to much more in life.

Doesn’t everyone moving to a new neighborhood worry if they will fit in? Will they will be accepted and make friends? Coffee is where those fears are put to rest. It is where you begin to feel part of the ever expanding group.

In reality, the conversation is more important than the coffee. But the coffee is good and plentiful, and so are the pastries provided by Wilcox Communities. It’s all part of life at Maples at the Sonatas.




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