Celebrating Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day to everyone!

Earth day

And especially to Kathy Downing, our sales assistant. Mother Earth has no better friend than Kathy, who observes Earth Day every day of the year. She even dresses for the occasion!

It was Kathy who instituted the recycling program in our clubhouse. It is Kathy who organizes a community event each year on or near Earth Day. One year she presented a program on recycling. For the past two years, she has organized a neighborhood cleanup followed by a lunch that she provides for the volunteers.

When it was raining and hailing at the start time of this year’s cleanup, Kathy went right to Plan B. She gave her 17 workers lunch and handed out garbage bags to be used on the honor system. As soon as the rain stopped, the volunteers began circulating around the neighborhood, picking up trash while avoiding piles of hail.

Kathy’s good example has made me mindful of the little, simple things I can do to make the planet a healthier, more welcoming place for the future.

Thanks, Kathy!

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