Seldom Heard Words

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There are sentences you rarely hear in my neighborhood. Because of our homes and our lifestyle, we have no use for statements like:

😉 Oh, no, the sump pump failed and the dang basement is flooded.

😉 Be sure to hold on to the bannister while you’re carrying the laundry down the stairs.

😉 The traffic out here is murder today.

😉 I can’t find a parking place.

😉 Duck! Don’t bump your head on the ceiling.

😉 I’m completely out of cabinet space.

😉 I can’t go to the cookout. I have to mow the dang lawn.

😉 I can’t use my telescope at night because of the dang light pollution.

😉 I almost fell off the ladder washing the dang windows.

😉 The neighbor’s dang music blasted right through these paper thin walls and kept me up all night.

😉 The dang association dues went up. A raise of $2.50 per month once in 4 years is unacceptable.

😉 Looks like it’s about time to replace the roof/windows/exterior paint/trim.

😉 It’s so impersonal here that I don’t even know who my neighbors are.

😉 There’s nothing to do here.

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