Hunkering Down, Part 2

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This morning, Mark, one of my Facebook friends, updated his status to read: I think I’ve used the word ‘hunker’ more in the last 30 days than I’ve used it in my entire life.

Me too, Mark. Me too.

When I wrote about our extremely cold weather three weeks ago, I thought it was a unique event worthy of a post. So I wrote The Fine Art of Hunkering Down. But here we are again — the same temperatures, same cancellations, same reluctance to even glance outside and be reminded of the tundra that is northern Illinois today. With school already called off for tomorrow, that will make four brutal days in less than a month.

But this hunkering time, two things are different or — I should say — worse. Yesterday, and especially last night, we endured the most treacherous driving conditions I can remember. In our rural areas, and we have a lot of them out here, there were whiteout conditions along with roads covered in snow and ice. Fortunately, I was not out on the highways. But this was my view here at home during the afternoon.

blowing snow

Second, this time my hunkering down goes deeper because I am even more confined. With my broken ankle still healing (I hope) in its cast, I face limitations within my home that I didn’t have three weeks ago.

Anyone reading this blog knows that I love my Abbey. If I have to be housebound, I am exactly where I want to be. And now I have a new appreciation for the handicap accessibility of my home. I can zoom (relatively speaking) through my wide doorways in a wheelchair, stabilize myself with safety bars in the bathrooms, easily reach light switches, and more. If our weather ever improves, I could leave through my front door with no step to negotiate or through the door to my garage with my Steve-built ramp to handle the small step down.

So I’m trying to remain positive, partly because I think that attitude might make my bone heal faster. I’d like to share some things for which I’m thankful today.

For my new cat, Shadow, who is my blogging assistant today.


For the opportunity to get over to the clubhouse Thursday for our annual homeowners meeting, where I saw the smiling faces of my neighbors.

lynn sylvia

I am grateful that the contractor who keeps our streets, driveways, and sidewalks safe spent many hours here Saturday and Sunday. I couldn’t get a picture of the crew because they were moving too quickly for me. So I’m using a summer picture, which should give us hope for the future.

langton truck

And finally, I’m grateful that Carol sent me this reminder that winter has its own beauty — if I’m willing to look for it.

iceStay safe and stay warm, everyone.


  1. Not to make you feel bad but it has been a long time since I’ve seen that much ice coated on trees. We’re cold here in Nashville too and so thankful that we haven’t had the kind of ice storms that knock out electricity for weeks like we did in the 90’s. Stay warm and cozy with those kitties!!!


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