Happy New Year from Home Sweet Abbey

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I wish we could “pause” time like we can a video, or even live TV. If it were possible, I’d be hitting and holding that pause button today, on January 1, 2014.

To me, there is nothing more full of hope than a fresh start, a blank page, an opportunity for a do-over. New Year’s Day gives us those gifts. If the day fell in any season other than winter, it would be perfect.

But today, even our wintery weather seems appropriate. Yesterday afternoon, snow began gently falling. By this morning, we had about 5 inches of new snow, and it is still coming down. The pristine white blanket covering our neighborhood looks like a giant, clean canvas.

And what will we create on that canvas?

It is my hope that we will continue growing as individuals and as a community. That we will embrace, rather than fear, change. That we will remember to treat each of the 365 days ahead as the miracle that it is. That we will so appreciate what we have, that we will not even notice what we may lack. That we will take a risk once in a while; and that we will rejoice if that risk pays off or shrug our shoulders and walk away if it doesn’t.

It is my hope that each of my neighbors will feel the love and support of this community as I have during the past two difficult months. I am so looking forward to today’s new beginning and to spending more time with my neighbors, who also happen to be my friends.

Happy 2014 to all!

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  1. Ollie Stolberg says

    This is the GREATEST BLOG that has been posted anywhere, anytime. Thank you and bless you. O


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