Phase 3—The Next Frontier

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Phase 1 of Maples at the Sonatas is oh-so close to being finished. Today there is talk of the “final lift” on parts of the streets, and then, to my amateur eyes, that should be a wrap.

Phase 2 is more than halfway built and occupied. Construction is underway on all of the remaining homes in that area.

So it is only natural that attention turns to Phase 3. I love to walk around out there, where the line between farmland and home sites is blurred. The cornfields are gone, but there is nothing that says residential other than fire hydrants. Phase 3 is, at the moment, as close as we come to wide open spaces and possibilities.

But on week days, you won’t find the peaceful, soft sounds of farmland out there. The area is a hubbub of roaring engines and blowing dust and beeping equipment backing up. It’s all part of the important, though unglamorous, activity that is necessary before homes can go up.

For the past few weeks, excavating and utility work have been the order of the day. Workers with their heavy equipment are installing sewers, both storm sewers and sanitary sewers. As soon as that is finished, a temporary road will go in.

That temporary road is required before the city will issue building permits. And with six homes already sold in Phase 3, and new owners waiting in the wings, the activity is rolling along in high gear.

Here are a few images of the very early stages of Phase 3.

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