Hi, Ollie!

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I’m glad to see that you made it safely to Israel. Hope you’re having a good time. I miss you and Oliver, but everything is fine here.

Excuse the personal note above. No, I’m not replying to an email or a phone call. I haven’t had any direct communication with my next-door neighbor since she left for Israel on Sunday. So how do I know she arrived safely?

Ah! That’s the beauty of Word Press, the Website that hosts this blog. It offers some fairly detailed statistics about my readers. It doesn’t, however, give me the names of those who look at a post. I only get your name if you type a comment or the click “like” button at the bottom of the post.

But the stats page does tell me how many views have come in on which posts on any given day. It also tells me how many have come directly from Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and any search engines.

And the stats do count how many views have come from any given country. So that’s how I knew Ollie was alive and well and reading my blog when I saw six views from Israel this morning. It’s not like I know anyone else in the country. And since there were six views, I think she twisted a few arms of her traveling companions to look at this blog too. Thanks, Ollie.

Today I also had a view from the United Kingdom. That’s because two of my Facebook friends, and former students, are living there. Occasionally, I also get views from Brazil when another FB friend and former student, Dave, takes his kids there to visit relatives.

Stats give me some useful  information to help me improve this blog. They help me figure out what kinds of topics are most appealing to readers, what kinds of pictures increase interest, and even which days of the week are the best times to post.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish my message to Ollie. I think she’ll probably see it before getting home because she receives an email whenever I add a new post.

Ollie, I hope it’s warmer in Israel than it is here. Yesterday it actually snowed! We got maybe an inch and a half. Two men finished laying the sod around Building 3. It looked funny seeing them do while it was snowing. It’s so cold that the snow hasn’t melted yet.

I have to get over to the clubhouse for book club now. I’ll let you know what the December book choice is.

Have fun and stay safe! — Caryl

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