All Pooches Great and Small

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I woke up this morning thinking about a photo taken at last year’s Pooch Plunge. I tracked it down so I could share one last picture of my canine neighbors before going back to writing about my human ones.

Photo by Kathy

Photo by Kathy

What draws me to this shot is the interaction of two very different dogs meeting for the first time. I love their curiosity about each other, the gentleness of the big one, the lack of fear in the puppy. They look eager to get acquainted, to share the common experiences of being dogs, maybe even to play together.

And now I realize I was wrong. It looks like I have already returned to writing about my human neighbors.

Where ever today takes you, I hope you find a generous portion of peace!

photo by Sylvia & Diana

photo by Sylvia & Diana


  1. Diane says

    At first I thought you were going to show how much the pup grew over a year and compare it with how we can grow as a community


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